2020 Nominees

Please view our 2020 nominees below.

Best Feature Film

DIRECTOR: V Vansay Zanubon

FILM DESCRIPTION: A young mother, Lauren, deals with hallucination and attempts to make some semblance of order in her confused world.

DIRECTOR: Chyna Robinson

FILM DESCRIPTION: When two women are betrayed by their manipulative husbands, they begin plotting to find a way out. The escape they seek, turns out to be deadly.

DIRECTOR: Lee Cummings, Mitchell Altieri

FILM DESCRIPTION: While skateboarding, a kind hearted teenager, Dylan, crashes into a beautiful young woman who secretly turns out to be the World Famous Popstar, Bebe A. Love.

Best Short Film

DIRECTOR: Jen Mostow

FILM DESCRIPTION: A sadistic couple redefines date night with their taste for seedy fun. When they cross paths with a serial killer, the lines between hunter and hunted set an unexpected trap.

DIRECTOR: Prentiss L. Thompson

FILM DESCRIPTION: I.C.U is a Sci-Fi psychological drama where two polar opposites, Billy McBride, a 70 year old white racist southerner and Keith Walker, a young African American Muslim, collide in a virtual reality face off.

DIRECTOR: Yasmin M Neal

FILM DESCRIPTION: Sometimes a lonely night at home… isn’t actually a LONELY night.

DIRECTOR: Tina Chapman DaCosta

FILM DESCRIPTION: Take the journey with Buddy, a 19-year-old brick mason and farmer, as he confronts numerous systemic obstacles in pursuit of rebuilding the relationship with the father he thought he knew.

Best Documentary Feature

DIRECTOR: Byron Hunter

FILM DESCRIPTION: This film was made to tell the little known story of the greatest team in Texas High School history, the 1985 Jack Yates Lions.

DIRECTOR: Alison Duke

FILM DESCRIPTION: Cool Black North explores the unique and vibrant Canadian Black Community and its role in our country’s contemporary identity.

DIRECTOR: Loki Mulholland

FILM DESCRIPTION: On June 12, 1963, an assassin’s bullet ended the life of Medgar Evers, the Field Secretary of the NAACP in Mississippi.

DIRECTOR: James William Theres

FILM DESCRIPTION: Just when you thought every American story about World War II had been told, along comes the 6888 Central Postal Directory Battalion (The SixTripleEight), the only all-black female unit to serve in Europe during the war.

Best Documentary Short

DIRECTOR: Jarrad Henderson

FILM DESCRIPTION: Wanda Tucker, a 61-year-old African American, is trying to document an audacious claim: that her family, the Tuckers of Tidewater Virginia, are directly descended from the first child born to the first Africans to arrive on the mainland of English America 400 years ago.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Windfield

FILM DESCRIPTION: Verda Byrd has been living her entire life as a black woman. Only until the age of 70 Verda made a shocking discovery. She was adopted and her biological parents were actually white.

DIRECTOR: Jessica Scott

FILM DESCRIPTION: The Color of Skin is a documentary that explores what it is like for African-Americans who have been brutalized, harassed, mistreated, disrespected and discriminated against by white men.

Best Web series

DIRECTOR: Micah Ariel Watson

FILM DESCRIPTION: Black Enough is an intimate and poetic web series about what it means to survive in the Black community. The story follows Amaya, an insecure dancer and her kaleidoscope of friends, as she checks off ingredients from her #BlackGirlMagic Potion in order to survive at a predominantly white college.

DIRECTOR: Stacie Davis

FILM DESCRIPTION: Introducing Tracey Howard, the uncompromising, stuntwoman and single mother of a teenaged girl. She will grapple with motherhood, working in an industry where the young and hungry wait in the wings to take her jobs and finding intimacy with what time she has left. But first she just needs to hold on to her purse.

DIRECTOR: Tamala Baldwin, Lavarro Jones

FILM DESCRIPTION: Bubbly Brown Sugar tells the story of two soulmates meeting in their dreams and their parallel journeys to finding each other upon waking up.

DIRECTOR: Cassidy Dixon, Jordan Uwhubetine, Tyra Johnson and Chayla Simpson

FILM DESCRIPTION: An ambitious college freshman, at the HBCU Jemison College, encounters five groundbreaking juniors who are forces of their own but a movement when together.

Best TV Pilot

DIRECTOR: Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

FILM DESCRIPTION: When the continent of America was discovered, it was a land full of foreign culture, strange rites and unseen wonders – a place in which all kinds of stories seemed possible.

DIRECTOR: Abdul Stone Jackson

FILM DESCRIPTION: A successful Children’s Show Producer gets into trouble as he struggles to keep his private and professional life from colliding.

DIRECTOR: Jas Boothe

FILM DESCRIPTION: A mismatched quartet of not-so-honorably discharged military veterans unleash the good, the bad and the dark side of patriotism on Hollywood.

DIRECTOR: Thomas H. Stewart, Elle Jae Stewart

FILM DESCRIPTION: PR creatively explores the psyche of a woman who seems to have everything to lose yet cannot control her violent rage when wronged! Chelsea Chisholm, a successful Publicist, is in high demand because of her stark reputation as a “shark in a fish tank”.

Best Animation

DIRECTOR: Tony Drake, Luke James Shaffer

FILM DESCRIPTION: “Pressure” follows a kid named PRESSURE as he faces a slew of obstacles throughout the school day. He’s dealing with what feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders, all while still attempting to do the right thing. Will our hero come out victorious? Or will he melt under the pressure?

DIRECTOR: Dominick A.D. Bedasse

FILM DESCRIPTION: Run Little Boy is a 2D animated short film following a young boy who must survive a nightmarish world systematically designed to kill him. The film references current social issues in America relating to police brutality and judicial misconduct. This film explores human responses to being mistreated and the distinctions between victim and aggressor.

Best Student Film

DIRECTOR: Nathan Marquez

FILM DESCRIPTION: A deadly predator terrorizes a secluded cattle farm straining the bond between a grandfather and the two grandchildren thrust upon him to raise.

DIRECTOR: Zoe Davidson

FILM DESCRIPTION: Growing up as a non-white Canadian, you experience racism every day. What makes Toronto’s racism so unique, is that you almost don’t notice it.

Best Actor

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Best Actress

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Best Original Screenplay

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Best Music Video

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Best Song

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